I am black.


It’s a word

A label

A category

A race

A group

BLACK, spelled out like this,

B for Bamboozled

L for lack of opportunities

A for affiliated with  super ghetto, super bad, super undeserving

C for could not, would not, should not ever be labeled as privileged

K for  kicked out of our forgotten homeland, Africa



that’s me.




Echo (a slam poem)



Did you hear them?

No wait..

that’s just me.

I apologize,

For i was programmed to doubt myself

Forgive me..

that’s my mind playing tricks,

That’s my heart undecided,

Thats my soul reaching out to you..

or to her..

or to him..



I’m lost.


Do you hear that?

No wait,

Thats me lost again,

In this big world.

That’s me,

trying to find my way..

Excuse me

Can I pass,

Will you let me,

Or will you just stare?


You echo through me.

Your opinions pierce my eardrums.


I  bleed on the inside.

Death takes me a little bit each time i let you in!


Your voices echo within me.


My heart can only take so much before it explodes.


What is are these unstable situations?

What is life,

What is me?


Like mines wasn’t enough.

I have not given you permission to enter!

I was already lost in my own maze

What makes you think I can take more?


You think you know who I am from the looks of me,

But I do not even know who I am by the feelings within me!


Who are you?


I dont have the time

For I haven’t figured out all the answers within me


Why aren’t you stoping?


You will never see me because you never wanted to.


Your opinions are a reflections are your mistakes,


But you are not me,

And I..

Not you.


That is what you wanted all along.


No ma’am.

Yes ma’am.

This way

That way





I’m sorry , my mind had other plans.


Blame the voices,

Blame the echos,

But don’t blame me.


Audio version –> https://soundcloud.com/queenasia-cooley/echo-a-slam-poem

You Are Not Stuck!


Whoever one of you who’s feeling like you’re in a rut, like nothing is changing, this is for you.  Whoever one you who feels like you’re running on a treadmill that is going 80 miles per hour and despite all your efforts, you’re still feeling like you’re going nowhere?  I’m here to tell you that you are.  Even though you’re running now as soon as you get off this treadmill you’ll be stronger, healthier, and able to do so much more.  Whatever you’re nailing right now whether it be being a new parent, acing school, or working two jobs to save money, you’re going to get to where you need to go because you are putting in that effort. And let me clarify, nailing it, is simply doing your best.  I’m not talking about standards we’re talking about doing the best that you’re able to do, and you know what that is.  If you’re doing best your right now you’re going to get even better.  If you’re doing your best right now, something will come out of it.  Change is inevitable this is what makes life scary and exciting at the same time. Its that life is inconsistent.

Here’s a scenario for you, just to show you there are so many different ways to get out of a hole.  Imagine you fell into a ditch, eventually you’re going to get out of this ditch one way or another.  Change as we said  before is bound to happen.  It could rain a lot, so much that it floods rising you out of the ditch.  It could also rain just enough that the soil beneath you starts to soften and grow and grow until it’s no longer a ditch and again, you’re on a flat surface. Someone could walk past the ditch, notice that you’re stuck, and pull you up.  Or you don’t have to wait for anything or anyone to come along to save you.  You can build up the strength to climb up from this ditch yourself.  That’s what we do here, we rely majority of the time on our strength, inner and outer.  I encourage everyone on this page to be their own person. Not wait for miracles to happen yet still believe in them, and pray that one comes your way one day just don’t sit around waiting for it. I encourage you to be productive and positive.  

 I know that it’s a lot easier to preach this rather than do it.  Lets face it  some days we wake up and we don’t know what we’re doing with our life or how we ended up where we are. My situation for instance I am getting ready to graduate soon, God willing and it’s pretty much this era of uncertainty and doubting myself right now. It’s a scary transition to finally being that adult, closing the chapter of school from your life.  In past writing I have brought this up before and a lot of you could relate and even some of you mentioned going through a depression during these times of doubt.  We all start school around  five years of age until 21- 24, whatever age it is that you graduate.  And we have become accustomed to reaching these checkpoints; like middle school graduation, check, high school graduation check, college, check.  When you’re done with all this it’s like, okay now what?  What indicators am I going  that tell me I’m doing the right thing with my life or that I’m in the right track.  You know, there’s no diploma or pat on the back were going to get anymore for our accomplishments.  Even when you’re at the point when you’re nearing the end of college, which is me, thoughts like,  will the lifetime of school work I’ve put in land  me the dream job that I’m hoping for, fill your head.  Will I make something out of myself after spending my half of my life in the education system. It’s difficult and there’s a lot of emotions to go along with it.  This is where we can get low this is when we can feel like we’re not going anywhere,that it’s the same cycle over and over again.  And it doesn’t have to be about school or work these are the things that i’m referring to now because this the stage that I’m at. It’s funny how life is so short yet has so many different stages and phases that we all go through. It impossible that we’re going to be happy or contempt in each phase that we are n our life. So this is for everyone when I share with you how I battle this feeling of the black hole.  Drum roll…

 Step one: I am more aware that I am being negative. And obviously when you have a problem you have to be aware that there is a problem first in order to fix it. And that seems kind of obvious, but believe or not it needs to be said.  And yes negativity, being negative is a problem because it prevents us from growing. The mind is so powerful if you tell yourself I can’t do this or that then physically your body won’t be able to do it. If you tell your mind that you CAN, which is being positive, you will be able to. The mind is your tool, it is your weapon so use it wisely.  Be positive and you will be able to accomplish more than you ever thought you could. So that’s the first step you have to be aware that you’re not in the best of moods you have to be aware that there’s a little cloud over your head that’s draining all of your energy and motivation. Step two:  I analyze myself. I take a minute and I either mentally or actually write down what I’m doing in my life. I write down everything that I’m currently doing I analyze it and I say to myself am I doing enough? Meaning, am I doing everything that my body is allowing me to do mentally and physically and we all know our limits, so ask yourself this question realistically.  If the answer is yes I move on to step three: and accept that I’m doing all that I can and continue doing it. If not, then again I have to be honest with myself and add onto this list and imply into  my life and then  start accepting that now I’m doing everything that my body will allow me to do.  All you can do is your best and I Hope everyone realizes that and that’s what I tell myself in short when I’m feeling in the gutter.  And if I’m not doing my best then I start doing it I don’t wallow in lost time.  These are my simple steps to feeling better but of course commanding yourself to feel a certain way isn’t always going to work out.  Its okay to get a push its okay to go to a loved one to the people that have known you all your life and say hey, I need a hug, or hey I need some advice. These are just quick little boosters I give myself from time to time and they help for the most part.  And I would love to hear from you guys what you do when you’re low.  This page is all about interaction I shared what helps me so that it might inspire you do something similar when you’re feeling the same. But if you ever have anything to add feel free to do so, and comment down below.  That’s all I can share for now guys until next time stay true stay you stay beautiful.

Be that One who Listens

I reflect probably way too much on how dependent our society is on technology. And I remember the times when we weren’t and how much simpler things were. The world has always had it’s chaos but the difference is people were emotionally more available for others and themselves. I’m not here to bash social media in the least the world has been given so many opportunities due to it, so many jobs become available and so many ways to be connected. I’m bringing attention to the fact that people are using social media in replace of social interaction.  We never used to show support by “liking” someones post on Facebook.  We didn’t post a cute picture to get attention from someone we liked. From what I can remember, because I’m a 90’s kids, not many people had such the fast paced life style we all have now.  There was no such thing as Snapchat that we could goof around on.   You really had no other choice when you were bored other than to physically interact with the people around you. 

One phrase that I have come to dislike over the years is “how are you”. Because I know that people don’t  want to know that answer. And I’m not saying that I’m always  down and depressed and I wish people would notice me more.  No, its the fact that if someone is asking something of someone they should  want to know the true answer. Majority of the times I feel most people, and maybe it’s just the people I come across, only ask how I’m doing for an update in my life. People want to know about the level of my schooling, have I met someone, what kind of job do I have, in other words what have I accomplished in my life so far.  Where is the sensibility, have we all become robots?Some people think its all about the accomplishments you make in life but in truth, no matter how many  goals a person reaches, if their not happy with themselves and their life right now, these accomplishments in the end will leave emptiness.  Materialistic things will never give a person happiness.  “How are you” should mean how are you doing as a person right now, today, how are you feeling.  The next time you ask someone how they are genuinely mean it and be prepared to hear that  maybe they’re not okay.  Be prepared to sit there listen and support them.  Take a breather and slow down, not only for them but for yourself.  If you’re not ready to do that, then you should keep your questions to yourself.

How to Be Free

Hi guys!  I’m here today to share tips on how to achieve one of the most important things in life for me, freedom.  Stay tuned.

Don’t let fear paralyze you from accomplishing your dreams: The opinions of your friends and family matters.  They’re the ones who are always around you, they love you, they know you, and want the best for you.  But no one knows what’s truly best for you other than you.  Don’t let people scare you or talk you out of things you have a passion for.  Yes, it’s fine to take advice into consideration, to be a little scared but its when that fear starts to stunt your potential, that’s when it becomes a problem.  Being a little scared is what makes trying new things more exhilarating.  The world is so vast and beautiful with so many opportunities, explore it and have fun while you do!  

Choose who you want and don’t want in your life: There will be times when you have to cut ALL communication with a person with the goal of cutting them out of your life completely.  This might sound really harsh but the truth is some people only want to see you fail for no reason. Certain people can bring so much negativity to your life when it doesn’t have to be that way.  You have more control of your life than you think.  Happiness is a choice.  You can choose to stay positive but it’s hard to do that when there is constant negativity pulling you down.  Don’t allow anyone to have that power over you.  Be free, spread your wings, and fly! There are no limits.

Wake up with a smile:  Not one of us goes through life without bad days.  It’s unrealistic, and no matter how perfect a person’s life may seem, especially in the eyes of social media, it’s not.  You will have bad days but its not these moments that define you, its your reaction to these moments that do. Wake up and SMILE,  no matter how unfair the previous day had been for you, the point is you get another day which is something a lot of people don’t have.

So those are my tips on how to get the freedom you deserve.  Keep in mind that all of us were brought into this world the same way, therefore giving us all the right to have equal opportunities.  EVERY BEING IS DESERVING OF FREEDOM.  Keep your head up, stay true, stay you, and stay beautiful! ❤

You NEED To Be Selfish

Rosie Culture

It was when I had gotten screwed over in a relationship for the I-don’t-know-how-many-th time that I finally decided to make a change. Whether it was a different guy hurting me or hurting myself by going back to the same guy over and over again, at the end of the day I was hurting.

And that’s when I stopped caring about being selfish.

How many times can someone tell you they’re not going to do something again, then do it again? How many times will you believe them?

You so often care about other people’s feelings, but forget about yourself. And how is that even possible? To forget about the feelings of the actual entity that you are. It seems impossible, but we often allow ourselves to get hurt to save others.

It’s time to save yourself.

Being sad, being broken, being mistreated really isn’t just another part…

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What I’ve learned at 21

Part I: Self-love

I’m pretty sure that we’ve all heard as children that we have to not only respect each other but ourselves. How important it is to love yourself, be yourself, be unique, and how it’s possible to accomplish the amazing dreams that you have.  All of this is very cliche stuff, right? Well it’s all true and I’ve always knew that but didn’t really understand why.  So I’m here to answer that question today: why is it so important to love yourself?

People are going to leave you and that’s okay.  One thing that never changes about life is its inconsistency.  Whether it’s a lost of a loved one or breaking up with a “best friend” losing people is inevitable in life.  What can you do about it?  Nothing, except accept it and learn things from those past relationships. In my life I’ve had a few people who I spent a great deal of time with but then  have never seen  again and I look back on those times, whether it was negative or positive era, and reflect.  I truly feel that God sends certain people in your life for a period of times just to show you things about yourself.   Yes, it can be really hard to lose people, but you can still take those experiences you’ve had and learn from them.  At the end of the day you’re always going to be there for you, which is one of the reasons you have to be able to love yourself. You know that saying don’t put  all your eggs in one basket, well in this case your eggs is your happiness and the basket is a person.  When that person exits your life it’s going to be a lot harder to heal.  That’s not to say you cannot love a person unconditionally, please don’t be afraid to love, because it’s one of life’s beauty, but just be aware to love yourself as well.  

Trying to derive ALL of your happiness from someone else’s company can be mentally draining on them.  This is particularly in reference to relationships with significant others.  When you go out in the world, looking for love, and you don’t love yourself already, then you probably won’t be successful at finding that special someone and holding onto them.  Think on this, how can you expect someone to love you if you don’t even love you?  If you’re always questioning and doubting yourself, eventually the other person will start to do the same, even if it is unconsciously. Be confident, be proud of all your “flaws”.  Embrace yourself so you’ll be able to embrace others and others can embrace you. ❤

It started out as your story, it’s going to end as your story.  None of us are the same, we all have our own story.  I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty amazing how there are 7.1 billion people on this globe and not one of us has the same exact stories. Its one of God’s blessings, diversity.  There is nothing more uplifting than discovering new things about yourself, challenging yourself, finding out how far you can go, and what you can accomplish.   In the end when you leave this earth it’s only going to be your body, mind, and soul that will be with you. Celebrate this temple of yours you’ve been blessed with while you’re still here.  Every morning you wake up that’s a gift in itself because not everyone gets one more day, but you have.   Be someone that you love!

So that’s my answer.  I don’t know if you, yes you the reader, agree with them all or if you have more to add.  Leave a comment sharing your thoughts.  I’m not a professional of any sort these were just all  my thoughts on this topic, and I hoped you enjoyed reading it.  Wherever you are I hope you have a wonderful  day or night. Stay beautiful, stay true, stay you.  ❤